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Welcome to the official website of the New England Moxie Congress!


With the pandemic (hopefully) nearing its end, your Moxie Congress (not to be confused with that inutile group in Washington) has been preparing for the new-normal by updating and refining many aspects of what we do and how we do it. The revision of this website is the result of one of these efforts, we hope you enjoy the results.

As it has been for decades, our favorite beverage is sometimes the victim of bad press, or usually none at all. Most fine citizens of these United States and beyond have no clue that there exists a distinctively different tonic (as we New Englanders refer to soda pop) called "Moxie" which is the nation's first bottled carbonated beverage, continuously manufactured since 1885, and which outsold its competitor (and present owner, Coca-Cola) in the 1920s. The word "Moxie", meaning guts, vigor, pluck, vitality, and robustness has been in common usage over the years, but most do not know that the word came from the drink, not the other way around.

Some of the history of out "tonic" is covered in these pages, as well as many aspects of its unique mystique. Learn how to become a member of the Congress and enjoy its benefits. We certainly hope you decide to join us!

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The Moxie (Matthews) Museum is offering surplus stock to the general public. Click HERE for details."

What we are all about:

From our by-laws: The purpose of NEMC is to serve as an association of people who are interested in Moxie, the distinctively different beverage, and who are dedicated to the preservation of its history, its continued and expanded availability, and to its legendary mystique as a truly unique icon of the American spirit.

The work and mission of NEMC is to:

1. Be a clearinghouse and focal point for the exchange of information and knowledge about Moxie-related history, memorabilia, and collectables.

2. Actively participate in the Moxie Festival (currently held annually in Lisbon Falls, ME), and in other forums, shows, exhibits, and events which can generate public awareness and promote interest in the Moxie legacy.

3. Act as a non-profit consumer interest group to advocate for the maintenance and furtherance of general availability, high quality, and traditional product offering of Moxie in communications and dealings with the Coca-Cola Company (current owners of the Moxie trademark) and its production and distribution chain. NEMC neither has nor intends to seek any business relationship with or financial interest in the Coca-Cola enterprise.

4. Collaborate with the management of the Matthews Museum in Union ME (birthplace of Moxie founder Dr. Augustin Thompson) in support of its Moxie Museum wing which has as its centerpiece the restored Moxie Bottle House/Stand.


5. Conduct an annual business meeting, hold social events, publish a newsletter, and generally support Moxie-related activities for the benefit of its members.


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