Traditionally during Maine Moxie Week, NEMCers are encouraged to begin their week in Maine traveling from north to south, with a visit to the impressive Moxie (Matthews) Museum in Union on Wednesday, Moody's Diner in Waldoboro on Thursday (for its "Moxie Day"), and S. Fernald's Country Store in Damariscotta on Friday for lunch featuring your choice of the best sandwiches on the Maine coast to go along with your ice cold Moxie! Click on the logos above to get to the respective websites of these Moxie Trail stops.

After that, it's southward on to Lisbon Falls and Kennebunkport (see venues below). At some point, it is a must to stop by, imbibe, and dine at Frank's Restaurant and Pub, the beautifully restored former Moxie store which was the iconic domain of the late Frank Anicetti, a legend in the annals of Moxie history. Saturday is the big day! A huge hour-long parade featuring as many vehicles as we NEMCers can come up with (horsemobiles, go-karts, bottle wagons, etc) in our parade section. NEMC also sets up tents and tables to display and sell Moxie-related "stuff" like old bottles, cans, cartons, signs, and other antique Moxie memorabilia, along with hats, teeshirts, and other Moxie-related gear. The day is usually capped off with our authentic down-east LobstahFeast. On Sunday, we repair to the Seashore Trolley Museum in Kennebunkport for our annual (monkey) Business Meeting. In 2021, unfortunately, we will not be doing most of these things, but we will strive to do as many as we can. We will announce changes in plans as we hear about them...stay tuned!


Later in the summer and into the fall, more Moxie-related events (see below) traditionally take place, and all NEMCers are encouraged to attend them. The Union Fair takes place in late August, with the Matthews (Moxie) Museum open all week. Moxie lover Calvin Coolidge was inaugurated in 1923 at his home in Plymouth Notch VT, and an annual celebration of that occasion takes place there each year in early August. At the AACA meet in Hershey PA in early October, a group of NEMCers host a Moxie tasting booth for the faithful and the uninitiated, and around Columbus Day, the annual Pumpkinfest takes place in Damariscotta ME enhanced by a distinctive Moxie flavor to all of it. Unfortunately, many of these events will not take place in this still nasty covid environment this year, but we will take advantage of what we can!



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