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"I want my Moxie!"

As everyone knows, business is all about supply and demand. Moxie is supplied by three authorized bottlers and one major distributor:

Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England (CCNNE) is the parent company for the Moxie Beverage Company (MBC) of Bedford, NH which owns the rights to the Moxie Brand. CCNNE produces Moxie in Londonderry, NH. Their distribution area covers much of New England and northern New York state. Click HERE to see their coverage. The CCNNE corporate website is www.ccnne.com and the Moxie Beverage Company website is www.drinkmoxie.com for your information. If you live in the CCNNE distribution area and can't find Moxie locally, BUG YOUR LOCAL RETAILER and his CCNNE representative and/or the Moxie Beverage Company itself.

MBC produced 12oz Moxie

Other Authorized Bottlers:

Orca Beverage, Inc. Produces Moxie in Mukilteo, WA (outside of Seattle) in 12oz glass bottles using cane sugar. They distribute through "specialty soda" outlets throughout the country and ship directly to addresses in the 48 contiguous US states. Click HERE for Orca's website for further information and to contact them.

  Orca produced 12oz Moxie

Catawissa Bottling Company produces Moxie in Catawissa, PA, also in 12oz glass bottles using cane sugar (they also produce in other sizes and sell cans from CCNNE). They distribute locally and also through "specialty soda" outlets around the country. We have asked them for a list of outlets which handle their products, but have not received one yet. They will ship Moxie...click HERE to see their website for further information and to contact them.

  Catawissa produced 12oz Moxie


Polar Beverages distributes Moxie from its plant in Worcester, MA wherever CCNNE does not in New England and beyond. If you live in an area where Polar or Adirondack beverages are sold, and you can't find Moxie there, BUG YOUR LOCAL RETAILER and his Polar Beverages representative and/or the Polar Beverages Company itself. Click HERE for Polar's website.

There are several on-line sellers who will ship Moxie to you. Google "ship moxie" and check our NEMC facebook group, ebay. amazon, and other supply sources. The Moxie Beverage Company has opened a "Moxie Store" through their website (see above).

Also check our SUPPORTERS page and our  WHERE TO BUY page (which is a somewhat dated list of Moxie sources, but it may help)...let us know of any corrections...

Sooooo...above is the story on "SUPPLY".

"DEMAND" is up to you, Be heard! BUG YOUR LOCAL RETAILER!!!!