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Dateline: Goffstown NH, October 16, 2010...Former NH State Prosecutor and now US Senator Kelly Ayotte in an attempt to demonstrate to key New England Congressional officials that she has a lot of Moxie, mistakingly schmoosed up to the President (Grand Poobah) and Vice President of the New England Moxie Congress, not knowing that they had about as much political clout as Franklin Pierce and Millard Fillimore. Congratulations, Kelly...and may the Spirit (of Moxie, of course) be with you as you help shape our country's future in that "other" Congress...

Dr Pepper now has Moxie!

This year, two famous soda brands are celebrating their 125th anniversaries, and your NEMC ambassador had the opportunity to visit the magnificent Dr Pepper Museum in Waco TX on April 30, 2010 to meet with some fine devotees of this other historic beverage.

We presented to them the "Moxie story" and were graciously treated with a grand tour of their facilities and was shown the "innards" of their extensive memorabilia collection of most all soda brands, including Moxie, so it turns out.

Dr Pepper has a "fan club" much like ours called the 10-2-4 Club, and since we share many common goals, we extended "courtesy" NEMC memberships to them.

Click HERE for more on the Dr Pepper Museum. 

Merrill Lewis, Phil Thomas, Joe Cline, and Paul Carr, representing NEMC, and Mary Beth Tait, Diane Bernhardt, Jack McKinney, Wilton Lanning, and Joy Summar-Smith, representing Dr Pepper/10-2-4...after the presentation. Newly transplanted Texan and Life Member Deb Kure with whatsizname.
With NEMC Life Member Joe Cline, BUMS founder. Joe, Deb, and Merrill quaffing Moxies at the Dr Pepper fountain.
NEMC members in the news:

Over the Hill!

NEMC Parade Chairman and President of Vice Russ Bilodeau, surrounded by friends (?) and family recently entered his 7th decade of existence on this fair planet.

He is about to take his beloved Moxie camp chair to the medical supply workshop of SNHMC to have wheels put on it.

He is fond of saying, "Well, I didn't always look like this!"

But now you do, Russ.


Our troops have Moxie!

We have always known that the brave troops serving our country have had plenty of moxie (the word), but now NEMC national secretary, Dan Hovey, has made sure that they are rewarded with plenty of MOXIE (the beverage of champions)!

Dan faithfully serves as a "Pease Greeter" meeting troop planes returning to the US from combat duty and makes sure that they know that we care and appreciate their sacrifices on our behalf...and what better way than to make sure that they are greeted and treated with the Mahogany Ambrosia!

Click HERE for more information about the Pease Greeters and the great work they do...    


 and stalwart NEMC member was theyuh at the Moxie Museum dedication in Union, Maine on August 26, 2009. Hope you were theyuh, also, or you missed a good 'un!

Future NEMC president Matt Bilodeau has completed the first phase of his training to assume this coveted post. And, yes...the graduation gown is actually Moxie orange!

Moxie supports Jimmy Fund...

On Saturday May 30th Our Jack Algeo lends his support to the Red Sox's favorite charity by giving a ride on his famous Moxie horsemobile to Wally G. Monster. Shades of the '50's when the Splendid Splinter, Ted Williams was Moxie's chief spokesman and Jimmy Fund supporter...