NEMC: Join those of us with a distinctively different taste

The New England Moxie Congress is a loosely-knit band of Moxie zealots and fellow travelers who collect Moxie-related memorabilia, promote the drink's availability, get together for parades and clambakes, and some who actually drink the stuff. The annual business (?) meeting may be held on a car at the end of the line at the Seashore Trolley Museum in Kennebunkport, Maine, but then again, it may not..

Memberships (individual, family, or business) include a subscription to our award-winning publication, Nerve Food News (pdf/email or hard copy edition) which will keep you current on Moxie-related events and activities, and fast-breaking news about people with a distinctively different taste. All members can also join our NEMC
acebook group! Business members get complementary ad space on this website (click HERE for examples).

The qualifications for membership are to be alive and breathing and be willing to part with a few bucks (or c-note if you're really serious). If you think you have a lot of moxie and want to give NEMC a shot, click, print, and fill out a MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION. Note: PayPal now accepted!

- The Annual NEMC LobstahFeast - 

Will be held starting at 4 pm on Saturday, July 13th, 2019 at the Masonic Lodge in Lisbon Falls, ME in conjunction with the world-famous Moxie Festival. An authentic down-east clambake with lobsters, clams, corn, and desserts with an alternative menu for Moxie is available for all! Entertainment may be presented immediately after the meal and is included in the price of the dinner! 

Click HERE for more info. 


NEMC Annual Meeting - Kennebunkport ME...7/9/17

- Your Fearless 2018-19 Congressional Leadership -

Grand Poobah: Merrill Lewis

President of Vice: Terry Adams

Pursor: Judy Gross

Scribe Eric Cressey










Membership Chair and NY taxpayer Kurt Kabelac










Moxie Week/Lisbon Falls Coodinator: Rick Seferian

Parade Chairmen: Dennis Bruso

Historian and erstwhile Moxie Boy: Jim Jansson

Matthews Museum/NEMC Coordinator and MM President: George Gross

NEMC membership patches are available (to members only)...$3.50 each...send check or MO made out to NEMC to: Judy Gross, 17 Goodhue Ln, Barre VT 05641.


Official NEMC Shirts are now available!

 For NEMC members only...$35.00...Send shirt size info along with check or MO made out to NEMC to: Judy Gross, 17 Goodhue Ln, Barre VT 05641.

Please note that the former "checkered pattern" collar shirts are no longer available. The new ones will be as pictured on the right. NEMC logos (like on the patch above right) will be embroidered on the shirt.


Other questions or comments about NEMC? Email