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Coming out in May, 2019: "Moxie", an "Images of America" book published by Arcadia, co-authored by NEMC members Dennis Sasserville (center) and Merrill Lewis (left). Dennis' wife Kathy is to the right.

This book pictorially chronicles the rich 135+ year history of America's oldest bottled soft drink from its beginnings as a "nerve food" elixir in the patent medicine era through brilliant marketing heydays at "Moxieland" in the 1920s and 1930s, the WWII years, the Ted Williams and Mad Magazine days, and up to the present as the Coca-Cola company has acquired this iconic brand.

Softcover, 128 pages, IBSN-13978-1-4671-1656-5. List price $21.99.

Reduced price pre-orders are being accepted. Click HERE  for details and an order form..  


Recently published! A "compendium of all things Moxie" with an emphasis on the unique history of Maine's official soft drink, including its strong connection to Jim's hometown, Lisbon Falls (see below). Published by and available through Downeast books. Hardcover, 76 pages. Also available on the shelf at the Matthews Museum and at Frank Anicetti's Moxie Store in Lisbon Falls (see below). ISBN 978-160893043-2. Also recently published: A chronological look at Moxie's unique and sometimes divergent evolution from a "nerve food" to the "distinctively different" mahogany ambrosia of today, by NEMC's historian and erstwhile Moxie Boy. A limited (50 copies) edition. Published by Bench Press and available here and there. 20 bucks each. Soft cover, 36 pages. No ISBN.   The first Moxie book by the late Frank Potter (1981). 147 pages, soft cover, OOP. Covers many interesting aspects and vignettes of the Moxie legacy over the years. ISBN 0-89865-164-6.  

Potter’s second Moxie book (1987). 303 pages, hard cover, OOP. One of the two most authoritative references about Moxie, especially in the area of collectibles. ISBN 0-89145-348-2.  

The other most authoritative reference book about Moxie (1985).760 pages, soft cover, OOP. A comprehensive history of the Moxie Company and its people. Note: there is no “Volume II”. ISBN 0-911572-43-0.  

A valiant attempt by the late Joe Vail (Adelard Veilleux) to add to and to fill in informational gaps from previous (Potter and Bower) publications (2003). 223 pages, soft cover, OOP. Includes updated collectable pricing guide, MoxieFest and NEMC stories. Associated CD. ISBN 1-4107-3649-0.  

The third Potter Moxie publication (1999). 44 pages, unbound pamphlet, OOP. Transcripts of tape recordings with long-time Moxie employee. No ISBN.     

A limited (50 copies) edition by NEMC  commemorating the 100th anniversary of the iconic Moxie Boy (2011). 16 page pamphlet, OOP. No ISBN.


Concentrating on Moxie "people" and the happenings of the New England Moxie Congress over the years, its historian emeritus delivers a series of "short stories" about several Moxie-related events and experiences which help define the "Moxie Mystique" which seems to draw us together.

Also included are his "Moxie Boy" story (also see HERE), samplings of his "Moxie Mixers", and even some Moxie poetry!

Must reading for all NEMC members and any other Moxie aficionado! 2009, soft cover, 142 pages, published by LEW Printing, no ISBN.

Ordering info: send check or MO (sorry, no plastic) to John Leheney, 616 NE Burning Tree St, Lee's Summit MO 64064.

New Special Pricing: $9.00 per copy! shipping included (US only).

Any questions, email John (nervefood@att.net) or call him at 816-373-7319.

Gathering Moxie-related recipes from many Festival contests over the years, and from other local sources, Sue Conroy (see below) has compiled some mouth-watering dishes with a lotta Moxie! 2008, soft cover, 42 pages, no ISBN.

Available for sale as supplies last. Contact (email) Sue at lisbonmoxielady@aol.com



Highlighting the author's home town, Lisbon Falls, ME...focal point for the now famous Moxie Festival celebration. Jim took a fresh look at the history of the unique beverage which is now Maine's official soft drink. OOP...expanded on and now superceded by Jim's new book "Moxie: Maine in a Bottle" (see above). 2008, soft cover, 99 pages, No ISBN. For more background, click HERE

Below: Jim Baumer (center) introduced his "Moxietown" book to the members of the Lisbon Historical Society in 2008. Pictured below with Jim are Sue Conroy (left), "Cookin' with Moxie" Author and former Chairperson of the Moxie Festival, and Merrill Lewis (right), President of NEMC.


Right: Jim (center) at his "Moxie...Maine in a Bottle" book signing on 5/5/12 at the House of Moxie in Lisbon Falls. with Jim are Merrill (left) and Mr. Moxie himself, Frank Anicetti (right).