Now that Moxie is Maine's official soft drink,


celebrations around the state (and others) can be enjoyed by you and your family


The granddaddy of them all, of course, is the now famous Moxie Festival in Lisbon Falls in July!


- 2019 Moxie Events -

Visit the Moxie Museum Annex of Matthews with the 32' Moxie Bottle House/Stand and a large collection of Moxie Artifacts...Union, Maine: open July & August Wed-Sat. 

Annual Moxie Festival...will be held from July 12-14, Lisbon Falls, Maine. Grand parade on Saturday 7/13 starts at 10 am, the NEMC LobstahFeast will be held at 4 pm.

Moxie Day @ Moodys...Thursday July 11th, 10-4, Waldoboro, Maine









Lunch & Moxie @ Fernalds...Friday July 12th, 10-2, Damariscotta. Maine







Moxie Day and NEMC Annual Business Meeting...July 14, Kennebunkport, Maine. Museum open 9 am, meeting starts at 11:30.


Union Fair - August 18-25 - Union, Maine

Moxie Day: Wednesday 8/21, which will also be the 10th anniversary celebration of the Moxie Wing!















Moxie Event of 2014:





  Happened in the geographic center of New England, Dunbarton, NH!

This highly acclaimed and world famous lecture, hosted by Chief Librarian Andrea Douglas (top photo, left) was presented to a standing-room-only and enthusiastic crowd of now dedicated Moxie drinkers. 

NEMCer Dennis Sasseville and his bride (top photo, right) were right there, front and center, cheering us on!


- 2013 Events in Review -

The Three Moxieteers

Ted Valpe's horsemobile (was Jack Algeo's)

Please send us your pix for posting!

Moxie Boy Dave Larrivee


LOVE that Moxie Boy!

Where there's a Wil, there's a way!

Da Boys on Parade...

Says it all!

Moxie in glass bottles...great demand!

Black Beauty Bilodeau Bug

Poobah's last ride...

Beauty & the beast...

Eichhorn/Hanssen Clan awaiting LobstahFeast

NEMC @ Simpson Spring

Susan brings Moxie to Texas...

Enjoying a sample at the Union Fair (8/21)

"and THAT, my friends, is how Moxie helped win WWII."

(At Manchester RMA 9/17)

Moxie wares sold at "things" BBQ (9/21) to benefit Moxie Museum at Matthews...

John Clayton, Dick Fortin, & John Jordan, Manchester historians at "things" BBQ with the XGP.

"Things" BBQ featured an ample supply of our favorite distinctively different beverage...

Da winners! (including our Esther Theodore, oldest "things" BBQ attendee).

- 2012 Moxie Week in Review -

You're in Moxieland! (for a video click HERE)

Matt & Dave leading the parade.

The new "black beauty" Bilodeau Bug.

Da boys, Ryan & Jim.

Higgie hauling the Spirit with his Razr.

Wil and his classic Horsemobile.

Lon and his classic Bottle Wagon.

Grand Poobah rides again...with Ruth.

The Moxie and the Pureoxia Boys, Jim & John.

Descendents of John Chamberlain, the original 1911 Moxie Boy.

Jim Baumer and his new book.

A true prize to be treasured.

Pete & RePete.

Official Moxie GY&K guys.

Supporting the Moxie Museum at Matthews. 

Another classic Moxiemobile moment with Wil.

Some of Dan's wares.

Grand Poobah figuring out how to sign his name.

Moxie recipe contest grand prize winner and cousin of the Grand Poobah, Anne Haskell


- 2011 Moxie events in Review -

Moxie vehicles and Moxie Boy centennial!

-2010 Moxie events in Review -

Your New England Moxie Congress participated in Manchester (NH)'s Annual Christmas Parade on Saturday, December 4...the Bilodeau Bug and Algeo Horsemobile were there.

It was cool, but it was also COLD! More pix will be added when available.

A local radio show did a "take" on our presence in the parade, some flattering, some not so, some erroneous, but, to hear it out, click HERE (thanx to Matt Bilodeau for finding this on-line!)

NEMCer Seth Ira Stearns riding off into the sunset.

Moxie Moonwalk, AKA Em Perry checking out the Algeo Horsemobile.

Seth Ira's wife & grandson doing the same.

NEMC's esteemed P of V shmoozing with our favorite New Hampshire Roller Derby star, Moxie Moonwalk.

Check out them leggings...

Baileeeeee and Krystaaaaa!

Next to next to last Moxie Event of 2010:

In conjunction with the Antique Automobile Collector's Association (AACA) annual swap meet in Hershey PA October 7-9 2010...the first Annual Moxie Tastefest!

L-R: Bill Boudway (NEMC member) from Canandaigua NY, Dave Krieg (NEMC member) from Dubuque IA, Gerald Greenfield, Seattle WA, Jay Wolfe, Vincennes IN, Tom Harris, Salem OR. 


Next to last Moxie Event of 2010:

Giant Pumpkin Festival and Regatta, Goffstown NH, October 16th!

NEMC was there selling hats, teeshirts, and Moxie to support the Moxie Museum at Matthews!

The Spirit of Moxie was there in front of the Little Round House Gift Shop, 9 Church Street, just behind the Town Hall.

Click on icon above and HERE for more details



NEMC life member Jim Tallman from Warren OH enjoys a cold one on a very cold day in NH.

If you have any pix from any Moxie events, send 'em in...

Having a Moxie at Dr. Pepper (4/30)

With Joe Cline (of BUMS) at Dr. Pepper Museum

Preservation Award Ceremony (5/13)

Rev. Vera Wingate showing that "she got Moxie"

Yarmouth (ME) Heirloom Day (4/23)...lotsa fun, but a dearth of customers! 

At Moody's Diner (7/7) with Fred Walker (my old dorm roomie's frat roomie) 

Vehicles At Moody's

...with Judy, Kurt, & Don

Spirit on Moody's runway

Joe Vail and his wares

At S. Fernald's Country Store & Deli

Krysta and Mear Mear

Spirit of St. Louis (1927)

Spirit of Moxie (2005)

Spirit of Moxie reborn (2010)

Pilot "Lucky" Bilodeau

Flying low in the Moxie Parade

Aeroplane tow vehicle

Spirited Stewardesses

It's a banner year for Matt Bilodeau and Chris Ward

Bob Palladino Piloting the Bilodeaumobile

This year's Festival logo


For more 2010 Festival pix, click HERE

Jack Algeo rides again!

No Moxiefest parade is complete without Wil Markey!

Eye candy handing out candy

Da (Moxie) boys (and a gal or two)

Setup on Main Street

Brisk teeshirt sales until the rains came

Gotta repace that green shirt with an orange one!

John and Barbara holding down the fort

Dan DiBlasio's wares

Judy & George with the Algeo rig

See y'all next year!




NEMC at Seashore (7/11)







 8/7-8, 2010


Union Fair - 8/25


Ethan, Courtney, and Rachel Koerner with Clyde

World's largest Moxie Bottle!

Moxie Day at NH Aviation Museum...9/25

Jack's Horsemobile and Russ' Bug greeting museum visitors

The Spirit of Moxie lands at the MHT 1937 terminal


Bert & Russ Bilodeau...the Aereomoxic Engineers

who restored the famous Spirit of Moxie.


"...and THAT is how Moxie helped win there!

(says who?)

"MATT! You gotta start selling more Teeshirts!" "Relax, dad...have another Moxie."

"What are those Bilodeau boys arguing about now?"






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