Join the New England Moxie Congress at the Moxie Festival Saturday July 13, 2019 as we Celebrate Moxie goes Artsy!

THE number one Moxie “fan” club, supporting Moxie and its Famous Festival in Lisbon Falls for over 25 years.

The public is welcome to partake of NEMC's annual LobstahFeast which will be held in the Masonic Lodge Saturday July 13, 2019. Single serving: seating is at 4 pm. Alternate menus for landlubbers. Reservation info and form are below. Reserve  early...seating is limited! 

NEMC displays and events will be located at the Masonic Lodge Hall on Lisbon Street (rte.196) just east of Main Street, across the street and a stones-throw from Frank's which is the new rendition of the famous  House of Moxie...see map below.  Our famous Moxie go-karts, bottle wagons, horsemobiles, and many other unique vehicles will be on display for you to inspect, and we will have the new "MOXIE" book available for purchase and signing by the authors. Click HERE for details.



Visit our display booths to see and obtain authentic memorabilia from Moxie’s rich heritage, to buy our books, learn about our history, and find out how to obtain the many benefits of NEMC  membership.

Souvenirs and membership opportunities will be available from representatives of the Moxie (Matthews) Museum (in Union, Maine, birthplace of Moxie Founder Augustin Thompson), which is home to the unique century-old 32’ Moxie Bottle House and an extensive collection of Moxie-related historical material.

To become a member of the Moxie Congress and to find out more on how to be part of all this, 

click HERE

Be Distinctively Different…Live your Life with the Moxie Congress!