Suspicions Confirmed!

A recently uncovered childhood photo of Chemistry expert and Moxie aficionado George Gross (also NEMC NFN editor, president of the Matthews Museum of Maine Heritage, NJ/ME/VT commuter, and miscellaneous doer of anything asked of him) reveals his secret childhood passion, which he is now free to pursue now that his garage is empty.


The season was kicked off on July 1st  with NEMC participating in the 10th anniversary celebration of the Hobo Junction RR in Lincoln NH. Helping with the Moxie sampling were Matt and Russ Bilodeau (and his Moxie Bug), Merrill Lewis, and Scott Bernier.

For more info on the Hobo RR, click  HERE     

THE Moxie weekend started on Thursday, July 12th at Moody's Diner in Waldoboro, ME for their 2nd annual Moxie Day. Wil Markey brought his calliope and his replica 1904 Moxie truck (which, unfortunately, blew a cylinder). A substantial "quorum" of NEMC senators were present and accounted for, including Jack and Kathleen Algeo, Bob and Phyllis Hazard, Russ Bilodeau, Joe Vail, Merrill Lewis, Kurt Kabelac, Penny Evans, George and Judy Gross, and Don Worthen. Click HERE for more pix. 
On Friday, July 13th, a group of  senators met for crustacean ingestion at Harasheek's on the wharf in Freeport, and some proceeded forthwith to Lisbon for the fireworks display and other doings.

On Saturday, of course, was the Grand Moxie "On Broadway" Festival parade and street "happenings" in Lisbon Falls. One highlight was that Boston Globe reporter Jenn Ableson was wandering around interviewing NEMCers and others for her article which appeared on the stands on Sunday August 5th (see front page for link to article). Josh Whipkey (left), nephew of president Merrill Lewis, was captured for posterity in the Globe article. Click HERE for more parade pix, and HERE for pix posted by Moxie Boy wannabe Ryan Bender (understudy of Jim Jansson).

And as usual, after the Lisbon festivities wound down, a contingent of senators repaired to Winslow Park in Freeport for another fantastic authentic downeast lobster clambake. See pix on NEMC page.


The annual NEMC business meeting was held at Seashore Trolley Museum in Kennebunkport, ME on Sunday, July 15th (see above), highlighted by the gifting by Don Worthen of rare audio tapes and other memorabilia to Matthews.

On Monday, July 16th, NEMC representatives were treated to a spirited and informative presentation by Moxie Management (see story, above) at CCNNE South Portland, as arranged for by Rick Seferian.

On Saturday and Sunday, August 18 and 19th, NEMC set up shop at the Celebrate Maine festival at the Raitt Farmstead in Eliot, ME, giving out samples of Maine's official soft drink, and selling items to benefit the Matthews Bottle House project. Some of the senators participating were Claire McTiernan, Jack Algeo, Rick Seferian, Sheri Faber, Merrill Lewis, Russ Bilodeau, and Dan Hovey....another quorum! The NEMC Moxie booth was just between the Lobster and Baked Bean much more "down east" can you get?

The Union Fair (8/19-25) Moxie booth was manned this year by Kurt Kabelac and Penny Evans, with support from Scott Bernier....George & Judy Gross abandoned their usual responsibilities and it is rumored that they were in hiding out somewhere in Alaska for the week! (need pix!)


Another new venue for this year was the "Show with Moxie", a post card and ephemera show in  Concord, NH run by former president Doug Richards. We participated on 9/2 for the benefit of NEMC publicity and the Matthews Bottle House Project.....

Joe Vail and son came up from Connecticut, and Jeremy Stopford (right), came all the way from central New York with his wife Thuvia, because he could not make the other Moxie festivities this year.

We understand that a good time was had by all, and it was worth the trip! 

You've probably been wondering to yourself...

Whatever happened to Dole & Osgood...those good 'ol folks who used to make Moxie Bottle Wagons in the 1890's? Well, leave it to our sharp-eyed former president Don Worthen to find that they are now the Pioneer Garage of Peabody Mass and have a rich history of being Willys-Jeep-AMC etc. etc. dealers throughout the years.

 Click HERE for more...

Conklin NY Becomes Moxie Town!

Not to be outdone by the State of Maine, reports Jeremy Stopford*, a town in the southern tier of New York has declared itself to be "Moxie Town" because it is a community of courage and perseverance, according to Town Supervisor Debbie Preston.

Conklin was devastated by flooding in 2006 with over 50 businesses damaged, including a new restaurant named "Moxie", which inspired the new town nickname. Moxie certificates were given out to affected businesses for their rebuilding efforts.

 See WBNG-TV story for further details.

*Update: 9/07: Jeremy and Thuvia visited this "Moxie" restaurant and discovered it was a nice place, but has no plans to offer its namesake beverage....need some politicing here, senators! Check out their "blurb" in LOGO story.





"Mod" Moxie boy???

John Longo reports he has just come into possession of this huge (3' x 6') sign from the '70's. It's a piece of Moxie history, he says, since it was the one featured in Potter's Book of Moxie (p. 263).

....only one we've seen where "the boy" has prominent sideburns!             

Could it be????

Ed LaFrance suggests, after seeing the popular repro sign (right), that maybe the powers-to-be have been looking at it all wrong. Is it possible that Barry Bonds has been partaking of some fortitude-enhancing substance other than what is being alleged?

I mean, if it worked for the "Splendid Splinter"....




Moxie enthusiast Mel Laughton sends in this picture he took in Gloucester MA. He was climbing this granite outcropping  to get a good view of the harbor when his son exclaimed, "Look,'s a Moxie!" Mel grew up in Maine and has  been drinking Moxie his whole life. His son is a freshman at Endicott College and has introduced many classmates to  their first (and maybe last?...ed) sip of Moxie.  -- Submitted by Paula Clark of Catawissa Bottling.



A celebration of and tribute to his life was held on Sunday, October 19, 2008. A half dozen NEMC'ers were there along with dozens of his many friends, neighbors, relatives, and associates of other of the many organizations and groups he belonged to. It was an evening filled with warm memories shared by all.  For an obituary click HERE


E. Garland Lea

We were all saddened to hear of the 2007 passing of NEMC life member and  good friend Garland, of Cartersville GA, who was our president for the first two years of the new millenium. We all remember him for his faithful service, but most of all for his southern accented humor and his down-to-earth warmth. His career ranged from pharmacist to attorney, and his multifaceted interests and passions reflected his inquisitive nature and concern for others. In all respects, Garland had a lot of moxie. We understand that at his funeral, in fitting tribute, friends wore buttons fashioned from Moxie bottlecaps. His family recently sent us this picture of his gravestone, which we understand he designed. Note the sign on the covered bridge!




Patrick Pano, a transplanted New Englander, decided to paint a mural on his kitchen wall to remind him of his favorite (but scarce in the Beehive State) beverage. He combined image elements of the old and the new in his rendition.





Gary Boire sends us this pic of his MoxieMobile which he uses on The Villages (FL) golfcourses to deliver Moxie to his fellow Tiger wannabees. Gary is pleased to now be able to purchase Moxie from his local Sweetbay supermarket!  


NEW TREAT! ------------------------->

The NH Union Leader (on 6/16) reports (right picture) that a gourmet combination go-with treat is now available up nawth.   


Special to NFeN: It was revealed last month by unconfirmed sources that Cornucopia Beverages has made good on its promises to expand distribution of its Moxie brand to areas outside New England.

Llirrem Siwel (left) of Gabon, Central Africa, expresses joy at finding out that her favorite nerve food is now readily available on her local supermarket shelves (no word about new design cans, however [ed]).