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The marketing genius of Moxie's heyday in the early 1900's, Frank Archer. Gave us the Moxie Boy, the Moxie Horsemobile, and the Moxie  Bottle House (now preserved for posterity in Union, Maine. The focal point for Moxie Fun and Frivolity for the last quarter century, Frank Anicetti. His store has made Lisbon Falls, Maine the Moxie capital of the world during the famous Moxie Festival each year. Only place in the world to enjoy genuine Moxie ice cream! Stopped Moxie from disappearing off the face of the earth in the late '60's. Frank Armstrong kept the ship afloat by forming the Moxie-NuGrape Company (later Monarch Beverages), owners of the Moxie brand until 2007..

- In Memorium -

Francis Newton "Frank" Potter

September 22, 1911 – November 27, 2011

Frank Potter was born in Milton, Massachusetts and he had a degree from Cornell University. In addition to being the country’s foremost Moxie authority, he was well known as an automotive and aviation historian. In 1979 he was awarded the prestigious M.J. Duryea Memorial Cup for his book Of Heart and Wheels.

Frank published his first book on the subject of Moxie titled The Moxie Mystique in 1981. He was interviewed on many radio and TV talk shows – including "Good Morning America" – discussing Moxie and his books. His articles on Moxie were published in numerous magazines. Frank received a research honorarium from the American Heritage Society for his work on the Moxie legend.

Frank’s second book on the subject of Moxie was titled The Book of Moxie and was published in 1987. He also put out a booklet titled Orville Purdy talks about Moxie as told to Frank N. Potter in 1999. Frank had been married and had a daughter, Lesley.

Frank Anicetti held the first Moxie Mystique autograph party with Frank Potter in Anicetti’s store, Kennebecs, in Lisbon Falls, Maine on June 5th, 1982. There was a second party on September 24th, 1982. This event morphed into "Moxie Days" (1984) and in 1985 it became known as the Moxie Festival which continues to this day. Frank Potter last attended the Moxie Festival in 2004 when he was the Grand Marshal of the Moxie Festival Parade.

Frank was living in Paducah, Kentucky with dear friends, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Walker, when he passed away on November 27th at the age of 100 years. All of us who have an interest in Moxie owe Frank Potter a debt of gratitude for all that he has done to promote Moxie. He will be sorely missed.

James Jansson, New England Moxie Congress Historian, December 6, 2011


Our beloved Frank Potter...who documented in his almost biblical "Book of Moxie" all that was good and holy about our favorite "distinctively different" beverage, its collectible icons, and peppered it with many rich anecdotes and side stories about our "mahogany ambrosia" over the years... Preceded by his "Moxie Mystique" and many other treasured tomes and tales of Moxie lore...even contributing to a CBS "Sunday Morning" Moxie episode.  He has been a cornerstone of Lisbon's Moxiefest for many years until his health precluded extensive travel as he reached his mid-90's.  

At 98-1/2 years young (above), Frank stayed tuned to all things Moxie in Paducah KY where he resided with and was cared for by his good friends Bruce and Trish Walker.


These are pix of Frank @ 99 in July 2010, celebrating Moxie Week with all of us!

Frank celebrating his 99th Christmas, 2010!