Warrior Dash...8/13/11...Windham NY

These gals, Kathy Blinn, Lyndsey Randlett, Jackie Callahan, and Denise Kehler needed a lot of Moxie to complete this obstacle course, but the results speak for themselves. 

Big Nate educates his buddies...(discovered 1/12 by Bob Faino...thanx)

(strip authored by Lincoln Peirce)

Goodbye Pepsi Generation!

Hello Moxie generation!!

Rocky Mountain Moxie High!


This Maine boy takes his Moxie to a new height! Joe Loubier quaffs a Moxie at 14,259' on top of Longs Peak in Colorado!

Seen on newsstand by Scott Reichenberg:

One more Time!

Back home in Maine, Joe seeks to repeat his feat at 4088 feet on the top of Avery Peak on beautiful Mt. Bigelow...neat!



Nic Finck sends this tidbit about a Moxie sign found in a 1906 photo of a inclined trolley run in Cincinnati:

........this view of the Mt. Adams incline in Cincinnati that carried streetcars up the side of the hill.  Just to the left of the car in the foreground is a Moxie ad on the fence.  Note the overhead wires for both positive and negative current - this was the only city in the US not to use the rails for the negative return.  Later on, this led to easy conversion to modern trolley coaches.

This was a counterbalance system, so every other car used cross-overs above and below to return to the right side of the street.


           To see the full photo click HERE and enter "moxie cincinnati" in the search box.


2008 Moxie Events in Review:

* August 20th: Moxie Day at the Union Fair, Union ME:

(pix courtesy of Dan Hovey)

Kurt Kabelac selling Catawissa Moxie from his recently donated cooler. Judy Gross and Quimby Robinson gloating over how many teeshirts they sold to support the Moxie Museum building fund.
Pillsbury doughboy overloading the Segway George Gross and Kurt entertaining the multitude with Moxie lore and free soda samples.
The Bilodeau Bug on underdrive. Wil Markey, Renfew K. Zetts, Pillsbury doughboy, and the Bilodeau boys with Wil's newest horsemobile
* July 13th: NEMC Annual Meeting at the Seashore Trolley Museum, Kennebunkport ME:

Group photo ---------------->


John Leheney presents latest volume of NEMC history (Jim Jansson listening intently).

Peter Bergendahl and all the other senators also listening intently. Don Worthen (below, left) contemplating the magnitude of his gift to the Matthews Museum.



Gift presentation to Justin Conroy, Cornucopia's Moxie Brand Manager, successor to the legacy of Augustin Thompson, Frank Archer, Orville Purdy, and Frank Armstrong,  Robert Condon, model for the "Sinatra" Moxie Boy of the 1940's.

* June 24th: Lecture at the Wright Museum:

Click HERE for a review on wirenh.com...

Note: A DVD of this lecture is available for $10 donation. Contact us at dvd@moxiecongress.org for ordering info.


Dan Dineen from CCNNE with free Moxie samples for lecture attendees.

Senator Deb Kure riding high!

The Bilodeau Bug standing guard duty. 

Hats, teeshirts, signs, etc. for sale to support Bottle House preservation.

* May 3rd: Goffes Falls Heritage Day:

NEMC had  a booth and display at this event to promote the Moxie Bottle House restoration project on behalf of the Matthews Museum. We sold teeshirts, hats, signs, and other items to benefit the project, and Moxie to benefit NEMC.  The 12' replica Moxie Bottle Stand was at the event along with Jack Algeo's horsemobile and Russ Bilodeau's NEW moxie "bug"! Senators Deb Kure and Matt Bilodeau helped oversee the booth activities, and visitors included NEMC members Bob Ashburn who came up from Windham NH, and Bob Briere all the way from Sturbridge MA..

The Moxie Bottle house (click HERE for the complete story) was located in the Goffes Falls area for most of the 20th century (1910-1999).

Scroll down to see the flyer for the event and the ad Cornucopia placed in support of the event...

Here is an article from the NH Sunday News of 5/4 and some pix from the event:

Ribbon cutting ceremony: L-R: Senator Matt Bilodeau, sneaker owner Merrill Lewis, Moxie booth sales associates Krysta Lewis and Bailee Houle, event Chairperson Nancy Bridgewater, Alderman Betsi DeVries, Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta,  MHT Airport Deputy Director Brian O'Neill, Revolutionary War Hero Col. John Goffe (aka Mac Morgrage), Rev. Vera Wingate, Airport Historian and radio personality Ed Brouder. In foreground: Senator Deb Kure.

A good time was apparently had by all, but when it came to local media coverage, NEMC president Lewis had to admit de-feet!    

For pix of 2008 events from Moxie Boy #1 Jim Jansson, click HERE, For pix from Moxie Boy #2, Ryan Bender, click   HERE